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Please see below the relevant costs according to the number of stitches in your design. Stitch count alters depending on how large and intricate your design is. Of course, if you were looking for more than one logo on your garments, prices would be determined by the stitch count in each logo.

Prices list.png
Prices list.png

Up to


Before we can begin embroidering your garments, your designs need to be digitized. This process will convert your logo into stitches for our machine to read. But, GOOD NEWS! This is a very easy process and can be completed within 24 hours so we can begin working on your garments almost instantly. All that is required is for you to send us an image of your logo or give us an idea of the design you would require and we'll do the rest.

Digitizing costs £18.50 per design. However, this is a one off payment so you won't have to pay £18.50 each time you have a garment embroidered with that particular design. We'll make sure to store your designs so we can work for you again in the future without re-charging you for this service.

Additional Charges

You will also be charged for the purchase of your garment. Garment prices differ depending on the supplier and type of garment you choose. We have a large catalogue containing a wide variety of clothing. Please contact us to enter an enquiry:


Postage may also be charged if this is required.


PLEASE NOTE: We are not VAT registered so it will NOT be charged! This sets us apart from many other embroiderers - making our prices competitive and provides our customers with garments which are high quality at low prices.

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